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  • "Those who wish to sing always find a song" ~ Swedish proverb

Readings for on or off your mat...

How Can We Help?

  • The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children
    The Lighthouse Program for Grieving Children offers hope and encouragement to bereaved children and those who are a part of their lives
  • KIVA - Creating Space Yoga Community Team
    Join our giving community to help other entrepreneurs of the world take control of their lives by creating and sustaining their own businesses. Consider giving...it feels good!
  • Ian Anderson House
    Our spring 2010 term raised awareness and donations for this local organization. A wonderful and caring organization that is so close to our homes. Take a look at their website and consider donating your time or money.
  • Home Suite Hope
    Our Fall 2009 term raised awareness and donations for this local charity during our "Unguided Meditation Evenings". Learn how this organization helps the homeless in our community.
  • Halton Women's Place
    Halton Women's Place is an organization providing shelter and crisis services for physically, emotionally, financially and sexually abused women and their dependent children and is dedicated to ending violence against women and their children.

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